Firms Decreasing Salaries of Expat Engineers

Two mans Private sector firms got on a new Saudization project, which looks for to line up the procedures of engineering employment with the provision of the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) and the Ministry of Labor. The procedures decreased the benefits such as incentives and bonuses for expats engineers, which has encouraged some of them to leave recently. In the meantime, there are move to put a cap on the income of beginners. The chairman of the SCE, said that efforts are being done to induce the companies which have not completed so to realize the procedures.

Al-Shagawi said that the salary of an engineer did not go beyond SR10,000, as that of his expat matching part was not less than SR20,000. According to source that familiar with the SCE who favored ambiguity, said that during a recent meeting that carried employers  of SCE together, a final outline of policy was taken to compact with expat engineers in this view.

Some employers said that foreign engineers favored to purely leave at the starting of this Hijri year because they were not decided financial benefits such as incentives and bonuses. The SCE quickly gave options Saudi workers

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