Fingerprints Necessary For The Above 15 Expats In Saudi Arabia

Fingerprint RegistrationFingerprint registration is necessary for all the male and female expatriates who are living in Saudi Arabia. According to the sources of Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia, those foreign citizens who are living or working in Saudi Arabia must have to register their finger prints in order to avoid any problem. 21st January, 2015 is the deadline for fingerprint registration for the renewal of Iqamas. According to the Jawazat spokesman Lt. Col. Ahmed Fahd AL-Luhaidan, the Expats will not be able to use Jawazat services if they do not registered their fingerprints. The expats will not exit or re-enter in Saudi Arabia until and unless their finger prints registered.

To avoid any inconvenience in the future, all the Pakistani or other nationals must have to register their fingerprints. Here is the procedure to check Online fingerprints registration for the Expatriates.

Procedure To Check Online Fingerprint

  • First of all, open Ministry of Interior Website
  • Now click on the “E-Services” option and click on “Passport” mentioned on the left side column.
  • Click on the “Public Query Fingerprint Enrollment” option from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your Iqama number in the box of Identity number and image code in the next box which is given below.
  • Now if your fingerprints are already registered there, “Fingerprint Enrollment Update” will appear.
  • If your fingerprints have not been updated yet, “No Record Found” will appear on screen.
  • Now find the nearest location of Jawazat office and go there for the registration of your fingerprints.

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