Find Register Postal Address In Saudi Arabia Online

Saudi PostMany Pakistani and other nationals went Saudi Arabia for jobs and to start their private business, because of business and job friendly environment in the leading oil producing country of the world. But normally they are unaware of the rules and regulations applicable for the expatriates in Saudi Arabia. One of the basic need and problem for the Pakistani expats is to get their postal address in order to receive mail. In order to receive your mails at your door step, you must have to register your address in Saudi Post by using Wasel Alami. So here is the procedure for expats in Saudi Arabia to register their address in Saudi Post.

Procedure to Find Register Postal Address in Saudi Arabia

  • The first step is to know the 4 digit code of your building and in order to get it, first open This Link
  • Click on the “Allow” option given by the browser and after this, website will began the browsing to locate your position.
  • After few seconds, the 4 digit code will be appeared with the blue dot. Note down that code as it is your building number.
  • Another way to get the building number is to open the same link given above and select English option given on the top of website.
  • The map will appear and you can select your city and area and building from left side, then select your building from the map and after selecting your building, 4 digit building code will be appeared.
  • If you got your building number from first method, confirm it by entering that number in the left side option and search for the additional number of your building.
  • Now find the nearest post office and go there with your building number.
  • Go to counter of Wasel Alami in the office and provide them your Region, City, District, Building Number, Additional Number, Floor Number, Flat Number, Iqama Number and Mobile Number.
  • They will take some time and soon you will be informed by the SMS that your Postal Address is registered now.
  • They will also give your Wasel Alami number, written on the paper that will be used for the free shipments from Amazon.
  • Just keep in mind that you could not receive Perfumes, Cosmetics, Liquid and Hazardous Material, Saudi Post will not shipped and return such items.

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