The Female Football Fan Reasoning Anger in Saudi Arabia

The Female Football Fan Reasoning Anger in Saudi Arabia. AThe female football fan causing outrage in Saudi Arabia female viewer supporting and cheering for a Saudi football team has annoyed men on social media in the country. Her team defeat, so it’s no question she was aggravated. Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal were beaten 2-1 by the UAE’s Al Ain in the Asian Champions League semi-finals last week. A snip of the match has been sighted almost 400,000 times on YouTube but it’s not the cut down handle on a player from Al Hilal that infuriated fans commenting on it.

Following the tackle, the camera identifies an angry fan of the Saudi team – a woman fully enclosed in a black veil and covered.

In Saudi Arabia itself, women are banned from watching football matches, but since the game was happening in the UAE, this spectator – together with several other women supporting for Saudi, like those pictured above – could link their fellow male supporters in the stadium.

Over 900 people have said on the clip, most of them annoyed men, serious of the nameless woman for being in a stadium overflowing with thousands of men. “Women aren’t paying attention in football, so why go to a stadium to see a live match?” wrote one. “Does this woman not have a man? Her place is in the house,” said another.

Many who be in opposition to women being permissible into stadia say it gives confidence morally wrong and sinful behaviour. Others say it puts women at danger of being stressed.

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