FBR Introduces New Electronic Software System

FBRIn this regard, sources said that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) from the federal budget for the current fiscal year, massive tax measures taken to form the new sales tax, which was introduced for taxpayers registered and non-registered people purchase intensified, imports, exports, supplies and other essential details have been described.

Notification No. 727 (I) / 2014 intensified in 2006 under the Sales Tax Rules amendments CNG station owners, according to the new sales tax return form which will be submitted to the seventeen percent of the sales price of CNG Sales tax will have to provide details of the calculation of the tax. The federal excise duty imposed on CNG must also provide details.

In addition, sales tax return form has been introduced as a form of work which service providers must provide this information to taxpayers that services are provided in the province and the provincial tax form itself states accounts will be transferred. The new return forms, including a form which has been a part of our responsibility to the taxpayer’s tax liabilities and other liabilities, including surcharges must also provide details.

Sources said that the new sales tax forms for cases and boxes have been included in Annex I to the present FBR electronic forms software, according to the new sales tax, which has not been updated for the taxpayers submit tax returns electronically are having problems removing tax experts and lawyers have requested FBR.

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