Faizullah Khan Sentenced To 4 Years Prison In Afghanistan

faizullah khanKabul: A court of Afghanistan has sentenced a Pakistani journalist to 4 years imprisonment. This punishment has been given to ARY’s journalist Faizullah Khan who was apparently travelling without any documentation. According to details, Faizullah Khan was arrested by the Kabul police in April at Nanghaar.

Faizullah has also been accused of spying but the court has terminated any such allegations and has punished him on the basis of entering illegally through the borders of Afghanistan. A statement has been issued by a senior journalist of ARY, Sabir Shakir, who said that Faizullah has maintained that he had been working in one of the tribal areas of Pakistan and entered the borders of Afghanistan by mistake.

Sabir Shakir told the media that their organization was working to get Faizullah free from such allegations and has been contacting the Afghan government regarding his case. According to an Afghan journalist, Faizullah intended to interview the top leaders of Taliban in Nanghaar where he got arrested by the police. The representative organization of the journalists in Pakistan has urged on a safe return of Faizullah to Pakistan.

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