Facebook Will Monitor Each And Every Movement Of Its Users

facebookNew York: The world’s most popular website Facebook has recently announced that it will monitor each and every movement of their users regarding the websites they visit on a daily basis. Facebook said that it will gather data about the user’s daily activities on the internet. This data will also be related to the stuff that people like to read and listen to on the various other websites, besides Facebook.

The decision to gather data about the users of Facebook is linked with the intention of providing better advertisements opportunities for the users as it will display advertisements according to the choices of the user. The data collected will be used by Facebook to determine the type of advertisements of the various companies that should be sent to the user’s profile.

Facebook has clearly stated before that the data of the user can be used by them and it is their property. It has been using the user’s profile to generate various types of data. But this time, Facebook will allow its users to access this record and to modify it according to their preferences. Facebook will only gather the data, when the user is logged in and simultaneously accessing other websites as well, but when logged out, it will not be gathering the data.

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