Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Eggs

Apple & FacebookApple and Facebook have upped the ante in their fight for the best talent by offering to pay for employees to freeze their eggs. Facebook began offering female staff to $ 20,000 for allegedly freezing their eggs so they can delay having children later in their careers. The process usually costs between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 and 1000 dollars per year extra to keep the eggs harvested.

The social network also provides support to men who want to become parents. All staff will have adoption assistance, and a “host of other fertility services,” the company said. Meanwhile, Apple has announced its intention to start paying for egg freezing in January. Both companies hope the move will help attract more people to women, and keep them longer by reducing the pressure on them to have children by a certain age.

Women’s fertility has been declining after the age of 35, and fell even more rapidly after 40 Instead of moving up the ladder to higher positions, many women with children end up falling into the labor force, leading to a loss of experienced talent. Offer to help women executives also help mark Apple and Facebook over much of the rest of the technology sector, which is dominated by male managers. Last week, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella angered the men and women around the world when he said that female personnel should be based on “karma”, rather than asking for a raise. He has since retracted his comment, but Microsoft still faces an uphill battle to convince women executives that this is a good place for them to work.

Meanwhile, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has long been an advocate of gender equality in the workplace. In her book she repeatedly urged women not to limit their career choices to fit around the children, but to be as ambitious as possible.

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