Dubai Police Introduces Satellite Phone Service

SatelliteDubai: The Dubai Police SOS service would be available on Thuraya XT phones, which effort over the satellite. Dubai Police Chief said at a press conference on Sunday that the new service would permit people who are in isolated areas or at sea, where there is no mobile phone sign, to ask for aid if they keep a satellite phone. The SOS service would be available to anyone who keeps a GSM signal from their smartphone and installed the Dubai Police app, but there were request where people required help in regions where there would be no signal. This new service would resolve this problem.

Director of Government Services at Al Thuraya, Amal Ezz Al Deen said that to gain of this service, Thuraya phone owners has to have plan “1199” as one of the four probable emergency numbers. she said that this number connections openly to the Dubai Police operations room, and forwards the caller’s GPS coordinates, so they would be simple to place.

Maj Gen Al Mazeina said that the SOS system had been a achievement on smartphones and the devices that were fixed in people’s house. The men then employed the app, which forwarded his precise location, and within minutes a helicopter arrived them and removed the mother and child. Soon after a land round arrived the man to took his car out of the sand.

presently there are 531,194 downloads of the Dubai Police app, which routinely provides the user right of entry to the SOS service. People have to only phone 999 or utilize the SOS service in emergencies, and 901 for any other enquiries or non-emergency situations.

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