Bodrum Castle in Turkey – Underwater Museum for Visitors

bodrum-castleLocated in the Southwestern side of Turkey in the port city of Bodrum. The castle was built back in 1404 by the Knights of Saint John and it was known as Castle of Saint Peter. It actually was established when the Knights had to confront an invasion by the Seljuk Turks although the Knights were headquartered at the Rhode Islands at that time but they were I need of another strong hold as well.

Different types of stones and marbles were used in the construction of the castle which include the green volcanic stone in cut in square shape, marble columns along with reliefs which were from Mausoleum of Maussollos and actually were meant for fortifying the castle. The architect of the castle reflect all the latest military features in the design like the passages which are leading to the main gate are twisting and turning confusing the coming enemy as where to go, the passages are laid out in such a way that the attacking enemy may not find any cover from arrows and other projectiles being fired on them.

The castle was attacked in 1453 when Ottoman empire was at the rise and was attacked for the second time in the reign of Sultan Mehmed II in 1480 both the attacks were unsuccessful as the Knights pushed back the soldiers of Ottoman Empire. The final infiltration by Ottoman Soldiers took place in 1522 however they were successful as they captured the castle. The Castle now also houses an Underwater Museum of Archeology and is open to the Public.

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