Difference Between Visa Card and Master Card

Visa and Master CardIn this modern era of science and technology, it has become necessary for almost all the professionals to have their own credit card or debit card. These cards can be used anytime and anywhere to withdraw some cash, to do some shopping or to transfer funds. In order to get the debit or credit card which is acceptable within the country and also internationally, you have two choices either to choose Visa Card or Master Card. Although there are hundreds or thousands of financial companies that offers debit or credit cards with different names, but Visa Card and Master card are most popular worldwide.

In order to know the different features and difference between Visa Card and Master Card, just carefully read these points given below:

Visa Card And Master Card

  • Visa card is acceptable for approximately 28 million traders around the world and over 2 million ATM machines in more than 200 countries accept this. However Master Card is acceptable for approximately 30 million merchants around the world and almost every ATM machine in any part of the world accept Master Card. Some of the Canadian companies do not accept Master Card, however they accept Visa Card.
  • There are different specific benefits of both the Visa Cards and Master Cards. It is also not necessary that different cards of same network offer equal benefits or features although it is totally depend upon your specific card.
  • Visa Card has 2 types of cards which are the standard card and the signature card. Obviously, the signature card has many attractive benefits as compared to the standard card.
  • On the other hand, Master Card also offers variety of benefits for World or World Elite Master Card holders. If tourism is your passion, then World Elite Master Card is ideal for you because you can get some additional services free of cost at different hotels and resorts around the world.
  • The Savings Edge program of Visa Card offers you to save money on particular amount of shopping if you are business credit card holder. You can get the discount of around 15% on the particular purchases or services by car rental agencies, gas stations and hotels that are entitled.
  • However, Easy Savings Program of Master Card also offer same discounts that are given above at their authorized dealers. You must have to enroll in the programs to avail these discounts for both the Master Card and Visa Card holders.
  • It is better to choose the card that suits you, from both Master and Visa Cards. For this, you can check all the features of both the cards from the brochures or either from the representatives.

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