Which country is better for immigration? Canada or Australia?

Please tell that which country is better for immigration and why? Australia or Canada? I want to know in detail.

Canada for sure as it does not have that strict rules and process which i have gone through for Australian immigration can tell you more about it.

There is absolutely no comparison of Australia with Canada.

1. Canadians are the nicest people on earth.

2. Australians are the raciest on planet.

3. Opportunities are much more in Canada, compared to Australia.

4. Pakistanis are respected like any other nationality in Canada, while in Australia, we are considered and treated as 3rd grade citizens.

4. After “Express Entry”, visa for Canada is easier compared to Australia.

I won’t agree on your 3rd point. Opportunities are much more in Australia than Canada. I have got my professional job in 2 months of time while my friends in Canada are still struggling to get a job for more than 2 years.

Job/career options are more in Australia.

It is quite easy to get immigration after doing Masters and PhDfor Canada. After graduation, you will fall in Provincial Nominee Masters/Phd Stream. You can qualify for it right after graduation and it does not require any job status but they check how actively you are applying for jobs.

PS: I am only talking about Ontario. Other provinces have different rules and regulations.

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