Cost Breakdown Analysis for People Who Go to Live in Bahrain

BahrainThe living cost in Bahrain is reasonable and affordable for an average person. The major expense can be on cars and accommodation while living in Bahrain. Most of the companies also provide accommodation to employees but sometimes they are exclusive of taxes which need to be checked in employment contract. After 2008 the cost of living in Bahrain has elevated. Mercer Cost of Living Survey done in 2010 ranked Manama on 139th among 215 cities. For expatriate living, Manama is on 51st most costly place on globe among 276 international places. But it is far reasonable then Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Manama city is the major hub of economic growth of Bahrain because of presence of multinational companies along with the facilities provided in and around Manama.

Accommodation Expense

Accommodation takes the major part of income while living in Bahrain as compared to other countries and its cost has increased in past years. Many landlords forget to increase the 10 percent on rent annually. While many choices are available for people of different salary ranges. Previously the accommodation was bearded by the company but not in recent times therefore it needs to be checked in employment agreement. In expat compounds the properties are of average BD 1000 for a three bedroom house. While it will cost around BD 700 including all taxes for a fully furnished double bedroom apartment in an average area.

Transportation Expense

The transport and communication facilities are advanced. Many multinational companies are having their base in Gulf and Manama as base. The major economy for the country is from petroleum. The transport cost, lease of vehicle, tires, transport maintenance, petrol, vehicle insurance, vehicle cost are less costly than other cities. The cost of the vehicle varies differently on numerous factors. The Toyota Camry costs around BD 150 every month while ballpark lease is BD 350 plus BD 40 each month on petrol and BD 20 spend on car wash once in a week. The monthly car rent for a regular car is around BD 150 to BD 200. The cost of an ordinary second hand car is around BD 1500 to BD 2500 per month. But the petrol is cheap as compared to other places being the petrol hub. The cab rent from center to airport will cost around BD 4.

Education Cost

The education cost of preschool, high school or college is resonate as compared to other cities and is ranked on 202 among 276. The Bahrain public schools does not allow foreign attendance. Mostly children study in international or private schools. The fees of the school is different for different age groups and classes in every school. The rough estimate of sending a child to an international school will cost around BD 7000 each year.

Food Expense

The food cost in Bahrain is not that high but if you choose to eat at home instead of eating out very often. Kitchen consumables are reasonable in price. The local products which include the fresh produce is affordable. Normally a lunch may cost around BD 3. Whereas the grocery for a family of three will cost around BD 160. The hotels and restaurants in Bahrain are quite expensive and are ranked 11on a scale of 276 on the index. The monthly expenditure on food and entertainment will rightly be around BD 100 to BD 200. The canned foods, beverages, baked foods and dairy products are quite expensive and are placed at 10 out of 276 on index.


The average expenditure on clothing which includes business wear and casual wear along with clothing for children and footwear is quiet high as compared to any other country in the world. Ranking first on the scale of 276.

Communication Costs

The cost of communication is comparatively less expensive as compared to other countries. Internet connection fee, mobile phone contract, call charges, telephone line at home and service provider fee are not that much high. The index ranking for communication costs is 188 out of 276.

Furniture & Appliances

The furniture and household equipment along with electrical appliances are a bit expensive in Bahrain ranking 47 out of 276 on the index.

Healthcare Expense

The cost of medical insurance, private hospital’s daily ward rates, medicines and medical aid are quite expensive in Bahrain as compared to other countries. Ranks 67 on the scale of 276 on the index in Healthcare.

Household Costs

The household expenses which include rentals, taxes, mortgage, and domestic electricity bills along with the fuel rates are considered to be expensive if compared with other countries of the same standard. Ranking 45 on the scale of 276 on index.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Office goods, stationary, newspapers and magazines, and services like dry cleaning are a bit expensive in Bahrain placed on 78 position on the index of 276. The cosmetics along with array of personal care products such as toiletries, sunblock, moisturizer, basic pain relief medicines, nappies and other products like conditioners and face creams are quiet affordable and are considered to be less expensive than most of the countries. The cost on skin care ranks 249 out of 276 on the index. If you are fond of collecting DVDs, CDs and books then it’s a bad news for you as these things along with theater tickets, movie tickets, camera films and sports goods are expensive in Bahrain. All the mentioned goods’ costs’ rank 71 out of 276.

In Bahrain Manama city is known to be a bit expensive in the country as compared with other cities of the country. The provided costs of living are based on estimation and may vary from city to city in Bahrain as the life style and salaries differ along with spending habits. The disposable income available to expats in Bahrain is quiet high according to surveys which provides them handsome amount to spend, in this regard expats residing in Bahrain are ranked second in the world.


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