Cost Breakdown Analysis for People Planning to Live in Dubai

DubaiDubai is known to be one of the most attractive city for expats from around the world. The tax free Dubai is the Business Centre hosting thousands of firms hence offering millions of jobs. An Important and must know information for the people who are planning to move to Dubai is the cost of living in Dubai. What expenses to expect while fulfilling their daily needs. This article will also help to ascertain the salary that one will need to survive in Dubai. Thousands from around the globe want to work in Dubai in order to save some money and improve the standard of life but one should critically plan before accepting a job offer and before moving out for Dubai as instead of saving something, one may fall deep into Debts.

Although the expenses vary according to the lifestyle one opts for most of the expenses presented here will provide a picture of what to expect if one wants to lead a modest life fulfilling the important needs. Though Dubai is considered to be cheaper than other big cities like New York and Singapore. According to a recent survey Dubai is the 23rd most expensive city in the world with soaring rental expenses along with other expenses as well. We have provided here a complete breakdown of the daily routine expenses one has to make in order to survive in this world.

Rental Expense

The rental expense varies with a great deal depending on the area of the city one opts to live in. If you want live in an expensive area expect the rent to be around 8600-8700 AEDs per month for a furnished accommodation of 900 square feet area. For modest accommodation one should expect to be paying 6200-6300 AEDs for a two bedroom apartment located in a modest place instead of expensive area. Rental expenses are one of the major costs one has to bear in Dubai.

Utilities Expenses

Electricity among important constituents of the monthly utility expenses, the expenses vary along the year with the weather as the electricity bills are higher in the summer season. The utility expense for a 900 square feet accommodation will be 600-650 AEDs whereas it can be much higher for bigger accommodations and may go up to 5000 AED per month. Once you rent a new accommodation you need to pay the connection charges to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority around 1000 AED which are refundable, this amount applies to small and moderate size apartments for bigger villas you need to pay about 2000 AED. The same applies when switching your accommodation. A standard Internet connection of 8 Mbps can be opted for about 300 AED.

Cost of Appliances

Although the import duties and no taxation has a huge impact on the prices of the appliances. The price of a basic 40 Inches flat screen TV will be around 1680 AEDs. A decent microwave oven can be bought for around 450 AEDs. The prices of Air conditioners is high in the summers. The air conditioner cots from 1800 AED up to 4000 AED.

Cost of Schooling

The cost of schooling of children will vary depending on the School you choose for your child/children. A large variety of schools are teaching different curriculums some teach UK curriculum some teach US curriculum and some schools teach curriculum from other parts of the world. The good schools which are teaching Western Curriculum have long waiting lists and such school will cost 3000 AED up to 7500 AED a month whereas other Schools which are considered the 2nd tier School can cost from 1500 AED up to 3500 AEDs a month.

Expense on Transportation

Dubai hosts number of modes of transportation which connect major areas of the city, the public transport of Dubai is the constituent of Public busses, Taxis and Dubai Metro the monthly expense can be around 235 AED if you opt to travel on Public Busses. Whereas the large area of Dubai is not connected via the public transport at times which will let you feel the need of personal car you have two options either to rent one temporarily until you cannot afford one or buy one if you can afford to buy. You can rent a small car for around 1500 AEDs and you can buy your own small car, which can be bought for around 90.000 AED (new car). Add the fuel expense in case you rent a car or own a car which can be 400-500 AEDs a month.

Expense on Buying Groceries

A large variety of foods is available in Dubai which can be bought from the supermarkets, the international food brands however are expensive but local fresh produce of vegetables which are good in quality can be bought at nominal prices. The average grocery expense for a family of 4 members can be around 1500 AED or plus 100 -200 AED depending on your eating habits.

Entertainment Expense

The expense on eating out is a one which is under full control of your own self. You can enjoy eating in a very nominal cost too as variety of foods are available in Dubai. You can select what you want to eat according to your budget. Although the International chains of fast food offer at the same rate as internationally but other local options can also be enjoyed. You can enjoy a cup of Cappuccino for about 20 AED, you can go for watching a movie with any of your friend or family member for about 72 AED. Theatre will cost 167 AED for two people.

Insurance Cost

The Insurance expense varies as per the package some basic packages for home Insurance start from 200 AED which have coverage of up to 50,000 AEDs. If you are interested in insuring your car than you should know that the Insurance of the car is around 4- 7% of the car depending on the package and Insurance Company you opted for. Health Insurance already is paid by most of the companies.

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