Conversion Of Visit Visa Into Iqama Is Possible In Saudi Arabia

JawazatSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and its economy is totally dependable on oil reserves. Due to this fact, it attracts many workers from underdeveloped countries of the world to work in Saudi Arabia and earn large amount against their services. During their visit to Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa, many the expatriates want to convert their visa into Iqama (Resident Visa), but they were unable to do so in past.

But now all the expatriates in the Kingdom can convert their visit visa into Iqama, in order to settle in Saudi Arabia. In a Helpline arranged for two hours by Saudi daily newspaper, the spokesman of the Jawazat, Col. Muhammad Al-Hussain had said that the conversion of visit visa into Iqama is possible in Saudi Arabia. While answering a question asked by an expatriate on call that is it possible to convert Family Visit Visa into Permanent Family Visa or Iqama, Col. Mr Muhammad Al-Hussain replied that yes, it is possible in Saudi Arabia.

After hearing the statement by the spokesman of Jawazat (Passport Office), expatriates living in Saudi Arabia thought that if authorized person is saying that, so it is definitely possible. But soon after his statement, Saudi newspaper had published the official version of Jawazat that conversion of visit visa into Iqama is not possible in the Kingdom.

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