Condition of Roads In Sanghar, Sindh!!!

Sanghar roads have almost destroyed due to carelessness of concerned department. Owing to which public is facing too much problems. Concerned department is not giving any attention to built/repair the roads properly from last 10 years. That’s why Kaphro, Mirpurkhas, Tando Adam, Jhool, Kandiaro , Nawab Shah, Chatyari and other adjacent roads have completely disrupted traffic.

After rain people face too many problems which waste precious time and fuel of the citizen. Due to this reason accident ratio is increasing day by day and many precious human life has been lost.

Sindh Government has issued millions of rupees to repair and maintenance of the roads but it is surprising that why concerned authorities are not repairing these roads.

Road play a vital role in the progress of the country. But someone needs to remind Sindh government about this.

The residents of Sanghar have appealed to Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah to resolve their problems but to no avail.

By Talha Pasha

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