How To Complain Against Banks In Pakistan

bankingThe law gives power to the Banking Mohtasib alone. Therefore the complaints managing process is centralized at the Karachi Secretariat. Filing complaints is easy. All you require to do is follow three simple steps: Firstly approach your bank. When you are going to submit the complaint to the Bank to resolve the complaint. It is being stated through the letter. The bank is permitted a maximum of 45 days to resolve your complaint. If the reply is unsatisfactory or not received the reply from bank within 45 days then a compliant may be filled with the Banking Mohtasib on the prescribed complaint form. The complaint form properly accomplished, signed and attested by an Oath Commissioner ought to be attached with your letter of complaint and send to bank.
Types of complaints we will entertain:

People can file compliant with the Banking Mohtasib for resolving of complaint against banks operating in Pakistan.

All complaints discarded by banks can be considered by the Banking Mohtasib given records related thereto have not been shattered by the bank according to its laid down record obliteration policies.

Would People want to submit rejected complaints to Bank, you may send them all related messages along with the Complaint Form without the requirement to give 45 days’ notice to the concerned bank.

The Banking Mohtasib tackles complaints connecting to violation of banking laws and regulations, actions, etc. After verifying that all technical requirements have been met, we may call for additional information from both parties.  If needed, Banking Mohtasib will visit banks to observe their books, procedures and processes relating to a complaint. The result of this will be either:

Complaint is set up to be baseless. in such cases we will notify the complainant accordingly and close the case.

Complaint is set up to be authentic. in such cases we will organization a process of conciliation to get an agreeable resolution between both parties. If the matter cannot be resolved agreeably, we will overtake a suitable order request the bank to correct the circumstances or make good the complainant’s loss.

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