Colorful Fashion Show In Karachi For Poor Residents Of Thar

FashionKarachi (on 29 September .2014) Colorful Fashion Show In Karachi For Poor Residents Of Thar at hotel called Saffron Nights. Fashion Show that raises funds for the poor Thar people. Leading apparel brand held a colorful fashion show at a local hotel called Saffron Nights at Karachi. A colorful fashion show was held for collecting money for poor people of Thar.

The purpose of the fashion show is to raise funds for helping them as well as the financial support to the poor people of Thar. Models in the fashion show highlighting the culture of the Thar walk on the ramp wearing vulgar dresses. New designers yellow and orange color in their costumes more mass. The models in the show performed for charity and they were very happy. Apparel fashion show presented Thar natural bright colors Moore’s famous birds were used in the apparel.

On the one hand they are doing good deeds but on the other hand they are spoiling the environment because this fashion show was full of vulgarity. They should arrange other ways to raise money for  them.

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