Chinese & Pakistan Business Communities Wants To Work Together

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Tianjin Yong Jin Business & Trade Corporation (TBTC) signed on Memorandum of Mutual cooperation (MMC). According to the MMC KCCI will assist TBTC to start business in Karachi and other cities.

President of KCCI Younus Muhammad Bashir signed agreement on behalf of KCCI and General Manager of Yao Jin Trade Company Limited Yao Cheng signed agreement on behalf of TBTC. At this moment Senior Vice President Raza Ahmed Khan, former President Aq Khalil, former Senior Vice President Shahim Ahmed, former Vice President Nasir Mehmood, Managing Director and other officer attended the conference.

“TBTC will also help to KCCI establish friendly business relations with Chinese business community. However it is very helpful for KCCI to attract Chinese investors, organizations and business community toward Pakistan. So that they can avail lucrative business opportunities in Pakistan and both countries will enjoy cordial relations as well as trade and economic relations” he said in a statement.

Leader of Chinese delegation Chen Weiming stated that about the purpose of their visit to KCCI to build strong business relationship with business and industrial communities of Karachi. Further he told that if compared last few years the situation of Karachi has substantially improved which prompted them to enhance cooperation with KCCI.

KCCI president Younus Mohammad Bashir said that it is very good news for us that  Chinese companies is making investment in Karachi and other cities. That’s why Karachi is making profitable business sector for Chinese business communities. Owing to which they can explore business opportunities and earn more money from Pakistan. That’s why Karachi is the hub of Pakistan. Further he told that we hope that TBTC and KCCI will work together in different sectors of the economy.     

By Talha Pasha

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