Catholic Church In Malaysia Prohibited From Using The Word Allah

herald catholic newspaperA local Catholic Church in Malaysia has been prohibited to use the word ‘Allah’ in their newspaper. This local Catholic Church publishes its own newspaper ‘Herald’ in Malay language for its followers. According to the reports, the Catholic Church can no longer use the word ‘Allah’ in their newspaper.

The Catholic Church had appealed to the court earlier to allow it to use the word ‘Allah’ in their newspaper. But the high court of Malaysia has ruled against the notion and has prohibited the church to use the word ‘Allah’ in their newspaper, stating that the use of the word ‘Allah’ in their newspaper will hurt the sentiments of the Muslims.

The Catholic Church argued that it had been using this word since centuries in the bible published in Malay language and it also said that prohibiting them from the usage of thus word was unjustified. A government official further explained that this restriction will only be imposed on this church, while other various Christian newspapers and religious gatherings will not be under this restriction.

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