Cashew Nuts Can Reduce Depression & Balances Brain Activity

Cashew nutsDry fruits are consider as most healthy and energetic for human body as its amazing benefits cannot be deny in any way.Similarly cashew nuts are best for reducing depression as well as it also play ital. role in balancing the brain activity. The nutrients which are included in Cashew nuts are equal to eggs, butter, cheese and yogurt which are known as healthy food for any human body.

Most of the nuts are full of beneficial fats, vitamins B and magnesium which provide boosting effect to your body. Similarly, cashew Nuts contains brain boosting fats such as mono-unsaturated fats which help in reducing depressions and stress and maintain your brain in a healthy way. Cashew has high number of amino acid tryptophan than all other plant-based foods which are known as best sources for a healthy mind.

In this regard, Dr. Andrew Saul said that cashew works like a tablet against depression and stress as well as also keep your mood happy.

Magnesium is also another amazing nutrient which maintain your nervous system and keep your mood healthy. Moreover, Vitamin B6 in cashew is also helpful for relaxing mind as it works against anxiety and depression from which every human being suffer.


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