How Can Pakistani Apply Multiple Entry Visa for Dubai

Multiple VisaPakistani would obtain multiple visit visas to the UAE. Journey tourists would obtain three months multiple tourist visa and continue maximum of 14 days during each visit. Precise conditions require to be entitled for the six month multiple visas.  Businessmen who are trading with a public or private institution or a company in the UAE, and who need common visits, are entitled for multiple entries for six months. They would go into the country as many times during this period.

Multiple entry visas would be provided by any of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and the UAE’s task abroad. Business visitors obtain multiple entries visas for six months ought not to live more than 30days during each visit.

If the visitors have a property, the visa would permit them to go into the country a number of times during the six months from the date of issuance of the visa and permit them to live providing the visa is suitable. UAE’s embassy and consular task abroad would also provide a ‘special visa’ to precise sort of visitors. The UAE mission aboard are permitted to provide visit visas except from the obligation of a sponsor.

  • Holders of ambassadorial and United Nations passports would be provided multiple entry visas for three months by UAE.
  • These visas permit entry to the UAE for multiple times during three months.
  • It also permits the holder to live during each of the visit for not more than 30 days.
  • Regular tourists are not eligiable to multiple entry visas.

Fees: Dh2110.  
The visitor has to go into the UAE on a visit visa and get the multiple entry visa as he is here. Once this Multiple Entry Visa ends, businessmen should await a month before relating for another Visa.

Documents Required:

  • Request Letter for Multiple Entry Visa
  • Original Passport
  • Copy of Visit Visa
  • Immigration Establishment Card copy
  • Trade License Copy

Visit visa: Visit visas valid for 30 days would charge Dh620.

  • Minimum salary requirement
  • Dh5,000 to sponsor brother/sister
  • Dh4,000 to sponsor parents, wife and children
  • Dh6000-Dh7000 to sponsor other relatives
  • Dh10000 to sponsor friends


Employment Visa: Employment Visa is provided by the Immigration Department to a foreign national who wanted to assist a company in the UAE upon the endorsement of the Ministry of Labour.

Urgent visit visas: Urgent visit visas would no longer be provided, but all visas would be procedure on an urgent basis. The Residency Department would provide a visit visa on an urgent basis for extra payment of Dh110.


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