How Can Apply For Norway Family Immigration

When submitting to family immigration it denotes that any person or foreigner from not staying in Norway approaches to stay in Norway with his family. If a person staying outside of Norway needs to approach to his family member staying in Norway, it is necessary that the person existing in Norway have to also be a Norwegian resident or the resident of a NORDIC Count.

Closest Relatives

  • Husband / Wife and provided marital partner.
  • Partners staying together without marital relation for two years.
  • Children under the ages of 18 years.

Other Relatives responsible to obtain a permit

  • Any person who approaches to Norway with the purpose of marrying in Norway, and does so within 6 months.
  • Special conditions surrounding caring criteria would also create other far relatives entitled for this visa.
  • The parent who is left alone and keep no relation in own country.

Conditions for Family Members

  • The basic rule is that the applicant have to have sound understanding for being caring. Look after preparations denote that according to the Government’s intended laws of pay scale, it is essential to have a pay scale of grade 8 or above.
  • If the candidate is not a nearer relative than residential housing has to manage for fundamentally.

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