Shopping Centers & Cinemas Details of Dubai

Dubai-MallEither you are planning to go to Dubai for vacations or going there to work you must be looking for an improved lifestyle after you move out to Dubai. Most of the people who travel to Dubai for vacations want have complete know how about the attractions of Dubai. One of the many attractions of Dubai is the Shopping Malls and Souk present in Dubai. The mega and gigantic glamorous malls are well known for enjoying the Shopping experience in Dubai.

All the malls in Dubai offer one of kind experienced hosting International brands and Chain Dubai is one of the heavens for shopping fanatics from round the world. If you are interested in buying home products like Carpets and other Home textile goods you will find a lot of variety along with authentic products. All the malls have amazing amenities which attract the tourists from all countries of the world.

Dubai hosts the famous ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ where the shopping fans ca enjoy huge discounts and number of deals on almost all the products which are being offered in Dubai

The shopping season is hosted in January and February of each year marking it an annual event which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries. If you intend to buy gold you will find the Gold Souk quiet useful. Interested in different Spices? Do visit the Spice souk. Want to buy authentic carpets, Persian carpets and Kashmiri Carpets? You will find authentic carpets in Dubai.

Dubai hosts a number of big and beautiful malls most of the malls have own food court when you feel hungry you can shop fashion wear, health products and top class optic items along with Baby Care products. Game parlors are also present in the malls for the entertainment of the kids. Number of cinemas and theatres are also present in the malls. Let us have a look on different malls present in Dubai.

Marina Mall

The Marina Mall in Dubai is one of the popular malls, which hosts 160 stores and outlets of top brands along with Cafes and restaurants which give the shoppers to enjoy exquisite dining and memorable shopping experience. It also hosts an eight screen cinema which is one of its kind. The architecture of the mall is very attractive and attracts the tourist from around the world and the residents too. The mall features circular atrium and expansive waterfront.

Reef Mall

Although a number of malls are present in Dubai and each of the mall is very attractive. Which makes it difficult for the tourists to decide where to go and where not to go. Reef Mall features one of kind architecture and beautifully placed shops and stores. The casual environment adds up to your leisure and experience in the mall. You can shop for a wide array of consumer products which include Electronics, Baby care products and Fashion wear. If you feel hungry while shopping you can go to the food area.

Times Square Center

Times Square Center is one of the newest Shopping centers in Dubai. A family oriented mall which features a wide variety of consumer appliances and fashion wear and women apparel for teens along with middle aged adults too. The mall hosts large electronics’ super markets and stores. The presence of toys’ store also attract the children. Interested to buy Home Textile and furnishing? Do visit Times Square Center which will cater all your homes’ needs.

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is a beautifully built complex on the traditional Arabic architecture. The design of the complex and the light brown color of the complex depicts the beauty of classical Arabic Forts. This huge complex is not only shopper’s heaven but also is home to two five star hotels along with huge amphitheater and cinema hall. The complex is present around a 3.5 km canal which beautifies the fort style complex even more. Arabic culture is not only in the complex itself but in the products available in the stores and shops in the complex too. Do visit if you are looking for Arabic dresses along with other art and craft.


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