Shopping & Cinemas Details of Bahrain

 BahrainCinemas in Bahrain

There are many tourist options available in Bahrain for entertainment and shopping. Cinema is a famous and common type of entertainment in Bahrain. People living in Bahrain are fond of watching movies and quite often go to cinemas. Therefore there are many high standard cinemas, theatres and complexes in Bahrain for entertainment. There are many Cineplex’s in Bahrain and is growing day by day. It is a famous type of entertainment for cinema lovers. Bahrainis interest for movies can be seen from number of cinema halls present and many are still growing. Latest Cineplex’s equipped with latest technologies and equipment have made the experience of watching movies more fun filled and entertaining. Furthermore Bahrain also have cinema clubs that also portrays people passion for movies.

There are many famous cinema halls in Bahrain including Jazeera Cineplex which has two cinema theaters, Saar Cineplex which has four theatres, Dana Cinema which has fourteen cinema halls, Seef Cineplex 1 located at Seef Mall west side which has six theatres and Seef Cineplex 2 located at west side of Seef Mall has ten theatres.

Shopping in Bahrain

For the shopping lovers there are many latest and high end shopping malls and places to pick from. There is a lot of variety and quality products at leading stores catering to all needs of people. Manama Souk is one of the famous shopping spot for people and is located at older part of town which has Bab al Bahrain road on east, Lulu road on west, Al Khalifa road on north and Sheikh Abdulla road on east. People from all around the country and globe visit here to buy all types of good quality spices, clothes, kaftans, all sorts of handicrafts, nuts, thobes, souvenirs and anything that is imaginable. The Gold souk is one of its kind which is hallmarked and deals in pure gold. It come with reasonable price and little bit bargaining can be done here. There are many things like cigarettes, perfumes and gifts that are exclusive of taxes and duties in Manama.

The Bahrainis pearls are famous for its kind all around the world. The majority of the people working in souk are locals therefore it is the best place to witness local Bahrainis. Fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and all sort of things are good treat for eyes due to its bright colors.

For all those people who are tired of walking in hot desserts, air conditioned shopping malls are best place for them where delicious meals in fancy restaurants can be enjoyed


There are many shopping malls in Bahrain like Seef Mall, Bahrain Mall, City Centre Bahrain, Al Aali Complex, Moda Mall Bahrain and Dana Mall. In 2006 Michael Jackson was seen at a Bahraini mall leaving with a veil. It is not shocking that many famous celebrity’s visit malls in Bahraini because they resemble a lot with western malls.  Overall Bahrain gives a lavish and superior shopping experience for people. The variety of shopping malls and centers are enough for people to quench shopping thirst for travelers and shopaholics.


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