Best Tourist Place in Pakistan

tourist attraction pakistanPakistan is one of the most well known countries of the world which in its natural beauty and historic sites. It is a wonderful country for the international tourists. But when it comes to tourism then different people has different choices to visit like some wants to visit metropolitan artistic sites while others like historic sites. The great, popular and big cities like Karachi and Lahore catch the attention of most of the tourists who wish to visit metropolitan destinations.

However, there are also people who wish to travel hilly areas like valleys and historical places. So the best place for them to visit in Pakistan is the northern areas. These areas are all covered with beautiful hills and valleys giving amazing natural scenery. These areas are really very rich in for tourists where there are high peak mountains, wonderful lakes flowing, huge glaciers with valleys and big rivers.

There also are many mountain ranges in other parts of Pakistan but the most considerable ones are in the northern areas. So here are some of the names of best places of Pakistan where both local and international tourists can visit and enjoy their journey.

  1. Muree and Galyat  region: these areas have many beautiful hills and valleys.
  2. Kaghan valley: a beautiful greenish valley covered with alpine forests.
  3. Swat valley: the place is abandoned due to a military operation started some years ago.
  4. Jammu and Kashmir: the place which is also known as “the paradise on earth”.
  5. Jehlum and Nelum valleys:
  6. Leepa valley:
  7. Moenjodaro: a historic place in Sindh.
  8. Badshahi mosque: a historic mosque in Lahore

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