Bearded Men And Hijab Wearing Women Not Allowed On Buses In Xinxiang

china muslimsBeijing: The government has banned bearded men and hijab wearing women from travelling through buses in the province of Xinxiang China, under security concerns in the province. International news agencies report that city of Karamay in the province of Xinxiang will be hosting games and the government is concerned about the security in the province.

The Chinese Government has banned bearded men, women wearing hijab and people wearing traditional dresses with stars and moon to travel through buses. Those who will not abide by teh law will be subjected to punishment.

The Muslim majority province of Sinkiang is an independent area, but since some time period there has been unrest in this province. The government has also not allowed the passengers travelling through buses in the capital of Urumqi to carry a cigarette lighter or water with them while on the bus.

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