Bahrain Visa Application Process & Requirements For Pakistanis

bahrain evisaPakistan is not listed among those countries which can receive visa on arrival for Bahrain which means Pakistanis have to go through the visa application process before then can visit Bahrain.

Recently Bahrain included Pakistan among those countries from which citizens can apply for e-visa through the online system of Bahrain.

How To Apply For eVisa?

The online procedure for Bahrain visa is very simple & easy:

1) Visit the official website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs Bahrain
2) Click on EVisa
3) Start the visa process through the online application form
4) Write the purpose for your visit & you will be provided with multiple visa options
5) Select the most appropriate online option by clicking ‘Apply Now’
6) Provide details such as Passport No, Passport expiry date, Date of Birth, Nationality & name
7) Attach the required documents
8) Pay the visa processing fees & charges
9) You will be issued a reference number for your application process

Documents Required:

Certain documents are required to be attached with your application process. These document includes:

  • Photocopy of current passport
  • Copy of return ticket
  • Hotel Booking
  • Bank Statement

These are the minimum requirement for one time tourist visa, other type of visa such as work visa will required additional documents including employment by a company in Bahrain. Similarly the documents for business visa, family visit or multiple time visit visa will also be different.

You may require a sponsor for certain type of visa. Many people prefer to hire the services of a tour operator or hire a professional agent on their behalf to complete the process.

Visa Processing Fees:

The cost of visa application processing will depend on  the type of visa for you apply for. The visit visa fees is BD 25 (Rs. 8,200), while BD 4 (Rs. 1,300) is charged for the processing.

If your visa is rejected the visa fees will be refunded by processing charges will not be returned. So in total a visit visa costs Rs. 9,500. For other types of visa the cost will be higher.

Time Period:

The time period for each type of visa is as follows:

Visit eVisa will take 1 Month
Visit Single entry (Online) will take 2 weeks
Visit – One Year Multiple Entries – will take 90 days
Visit – Single entry via embassy will take 2 weeks
Visit – One Year via embassy will take 90 days

For more details and contacts contact the Embassy of Bahrain at:
Address: House No : 12, Street 2, Margala Road, F-6/3 Islamabad
Phone Number:  +92512307881 – +92512307882 – +92512307883
Fax Number: +92512307885

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