Bahrain Online eVisas For GCC Countries

Bahrain Online eVisas For GCC CountriesJeddah: The Government of Bahrain has publicized that the GCC (Gulf) countries would provide the multiple entry visas to the immigrants, tourists, and investors would have a month’s visa extended for 3 months. People would enjoy In Bahrain by citizens of 102 countries in 2015.

Applicant can apply instantly through electronic visa. Applicant can apply electronic visa (eVisa) through WWW.EVISA.GOV.BH


3 Day stay period

Fee for GCC eVisa                                      BD 10   (approximately USD 27)

Processing fee for GCC eVisa                   BD 2   (approximately USD 5)

Total fee                                                       BD 12   (approximately USD 32)



7 Day stay period

Fee for GCC eVisa                                        BD 15   (approximately USD 40)

Processing fee for GCC eVisa                    BD 2   (approximately USD 5)

Total fee                                                         BD 17   (approximately USD 45)


The GCC eVisa permits you to stay in Bahrain for either 3 days or 7 days, depending on the eVisa purchased.

Apply Policy
A person of any ctizenship who keeps a Resident authority for a GCC country in their passport is entitled for a GCC eVisa. This permit would be verified at the border in Bahrain and on the time of arrival the Resident Permit have to be at least 6 months old, and ought to be legal for at least another 6 months.

Terms & conditions

  • The GCC eVisa is issued with the following conditions:
  • You should be outside Bahrain  (Visas cannot be applied for by those travellers already in the Kingdom)
  • You should travel through Bahrain International Airport  (This eVisa cannot be used for travel through the King Fahad Causeway)
  • You should have a passport (Valid for 6 months from arrival in Bahrain)
  • You should be competent of supporting
  • Your entry do not have to infringe the security and national welfare of Bahrain.
  • You should use a GCC eVisa within 30 days of its approval.

How long does it take?
Approval of an application is not provided instantly. Applications start to 72 hours to procedure. We would recommend you by email when a choice has been made.

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