Bad News For Foreigners In The UAE

uaeABU DHABI: Authorities have commenced full operation against the Bachelor to advance the city’s Short. They have strengthened an operation to flush out bachelors sharing one room in large numbers or those living in villas in disobedience of new rules prohibition such practices within a plan to make sure a secure and healthy environment. Bachelors caught violating those rules are fined 10, 000 Dharam and they will not be disqualified from leaving the country unless they give the entire fine.

The Abu Dhabi metropolis has also warned property-owner abusing such system that they could be dispossessed of government services, including water and electricity, but it is still not clear if such punishment have been imposed. Abu Dhabi establishment told landlords they are authorized to rent their possessions to bachelors offered a maximum three men are permitted in one room at an apartment. They also notified that renting building to bachelors is strictly forbidden.

The authorities of UAE said it can conduct random forced entry on suspected apartments to make certain observance with the decision, which it said is planned to keep discipline in the emirate’s land market and control rents for bachelors. It also said that bachelor staying in one room in an Abu Dhabi apartment would not be approved verification for their rent contract if they are more than three.


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