Babadag Mountains Charmed With a Walk of Remembrance

babadagBabadag is a mountain located near Fethiyein the province of Mugla in southwest of Turkey. The major peek of the mountain has an elevation of 6460 ft. and the other one is 4593 ft. these two peeks are facing each other and there is a valley in between them expands up to the mountain range. Babadag is popular for paragliding. It’s one of the summit is less than 5 km from sea that makes it ideal for paragliding for all ages.

In the past Mount Cragus was the major mountain of Lycia. There are very few mountains that are directly 1969 m above sea level. There are a number of all kinds of flora grown at Babadag like orchids, old cedar trees etc. there is an old road since Lycian times on which walking will be worthy of remembrance and makes hiking interesting. From Oludeniz to Babadag there is not any specific path for tracking since it was not famous in Turkey until now.

The best time to go to Babadag for hiking is between April to June and September to November. In summers the climate is extremely hot and during winters there is snow that makes hiking experience tough and difficult for visitors. The camping is free but it is encouraged not to fire especially in summer. It is an option for hikers and visitors to stay there overnight. Paragliding is offered all year.

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