Arshad Pappu, His Brother And Accomplice Shot Dead

Karachi: The notorious terrorist from Lyari Gang War, Arshad Pappu along with his brother, Arafat, gunned down at Brohi Chauk (rounabout) whereas one of his close accomplices, named Jumma Shera alias Shera Pathan was also killed last night.

According to details, unidentified attackers shot two men dead who were identified later as Arshad Pappu and Arafat, belonging to the notorious Lyari Gang War group. The dead bodies of both the brothers were found at Brohi Chauk (roundabout) in Lyari whereas one of Arshad Pappu’s accomplices named Jumma Shera alias Shera Pathan was also gunned down by his rival group at Adam Khan road.

Arshad Pappu was wanted in more than 50 cases of killings and attempt of killing whereas the cases against him were filed in various police stations including Mauripur road, manghopir and Baldia town police stations. The accused had been jailed many times in the past.

The neighbourhood of both the accused came out of their houses and did not let their bodies shift to the hospital, told sources, adding that Jumma Shera’s dead body was shifted to civil hospital Karachi. According to sources, there is a rumour here that both, Arshad Pappu and his brother Arafat were firstly kidnapped and then they were tortured a lot and gunned down at last. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

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