Argentina Visa Details For Pakistan, Fees & Requirements

visa of argentinaArgentina is considered one of the top developing countries and is also include in the G-20 major economies. Many expats and students from Pakistan are moving towards this Latin American country for which the visa requirement & fees are easier than many other countries.

Currently Argentina provides no online service or eVisa service for Pakistanis. Unlike other embassies it doesn’t accepts visa applications at embassy rather the only way to apply for Visa is though Drop Box service.

How To Apply For Argentina Visa?

If you want to apply for visa of this Latin American country then you should follow these steps:

1) Visit the official website of Embassy of Argentina in Pakistan
2) Fill the application form online
3) Download and print the visa application form
4) Attach the required documents
5) Submit it at authorized drop box service & pay the drop-box charges
6) Visit the embassy for interview as per email
7) Pay the required fees and get your passport stamped for Argentina

This method remains same whether you are applying for a short term visa, tourist visa, student visa, business visa or temporary residence.

Document Requirement:

The documents requirement will vary as per the type of visa for which you apply, least documents will be required for transit and tourist visa. While for permanent residence & business visa a larger amount of documents will be required.

Tourist Visa:

  • Two sets of application form filled & signed by applicant
  • 3 recent photographs with white background
  • Photocopy of passport (1 & 2 pages)
  • Bank statements for last 1 year, certified by bank
  • Booking of return tickets
  • Hotel or other accommodation evidence
  • Visa request letter with details about the applicant, his passport details and plan for Argentina
  • Letter from employer in Pakistan

These are the requirements for tourist visa, all other visa will require these documents along with some other documents

Business Visa:

Business visa will require some additional documents such as:

  • Recommendation letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Personal note by the applicant explaining the reason and plan of the trip.
  • Letter of introduction of the applicant by the company.
  • If the applicant is an entrepreneur or is the owner of a company he should give evidence of company’s activities & ownerships.
  • Letter of invitation from Argentina if the person is invited by a company from Argentina

Professional/Artistic Activities Visa:

  • Personal note from applicant detailing the purpose of visit
  • Letter of invitation from company or event organizers in Argentina. The company must be registered with Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes Extranjeros (RENURE).
  • Visa request or recommendation letter from current employer.

Temporary Residence Visa:

  • Two sets of application form filled & signed by applicant
  • 8 photographs of 4×4 cm with white background
  • Photocopy of first 2 pages of valid passport
  • Bank statement of last 1 year
  • Ticket evidence
  • Copy of DNI & Passport of host
  • Original birth certificate translated into Spanish.
  • Original Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Original Marriage Certificate

Visa Processing Fees:

No fees will be charged to process the fees, the applicant is only required to pay Rs. 1,500 to the authorized drop-box service. Visa charges will be required only after interview if the Embassy decides to issue visa.

The cost will depend on the type of visa for which you applied, it will be due only after the applicant is notified about Visa approval by Head of Consular Section.

Tourist Visa: $50
Business Visa: $100
Professional Visa: $100
Residence Visa: $200

Application Processing Time:

The time period to process visa application is at least 7 weeks, the interview will be conducted during the same period.

For more information and details contact at:
Address: Embassy of Argentina, House 24, Street 18, Sector F-6/2
Telephone Number:  0092518438120
Fax Number: 0092512825564

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