How To Apply (Procedure) For Hajj & Umrah From Pakistan

Hajj .umraHajj is a very important responsibility  for all Muslims who have the resources. It is supposed to be performed for the period of days of Hajj once in a lifetime. Umrah would be done anytime during the year. It is included of Tawaf of the Ka’bah and Sa’yee of the Safa and Marwah hills covered in a long balcony.

Application on an agreed form available with banks would be provided to any of the following banks authorized/schedule by the Government.

Such as

  • Habib bank Ltd
  • United bank Ltd
  • National bank Ltd
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • Allied Bank Ltd

Key Points

  • The forms are free of cost.
  • The amount of money would be collected regarding expenses of the hajj by the bank concerned.
  • Bank would forward the case to Ministry of Hajj for additional processing.
  • The chance to do Hajj would be provided under quota scheme. If the number of the candidates for pilgrimage is extra than one lakh, then the ballot system would be followed.
  • The candidate stated successful would be provided special passports and visas by the ministry of hajj.
  • The unsuccessful candidates would be provided the refund of money from the bank concerned.
  • The journey of the pilgrims would be organized by the Ministry of Hajj by chartered flights.
  • The successful candidates would be notified through a letter by the Ministry of Hajj regarding the schedule of their journey.
  • The pilgrims would have to arrive Haji Camp two days before the leasing of the flight.
  • The pilgrims would obtain their Passports/Foreign Exchange/Air Ticket in Haji Camp
  • Arrangement of accommodation etc for pilgrims of Hajj would be provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs Under government scheme.
  • Only those Pakistani Muslims might apply for Hajj under the above scheme that has the CNIC provided by NADRA.
  • Ladies without legal person (Mahram) are not permitted. Ladies who are likely to have birth to a child during journey ought not to apply for Hajj.


  • Agencies owned by Saudi Arabian Agents for performance of Umrah have been established in Saudi Arabia with the approval of Saudi government. The government of Pakistan does not deal with the performance of umrah.
  • In Pakistan, Pakistani Sub-Agents are running agencies, under Saudi Arabian Agents which make arrangements for performance of Umrah.
  • Umrah agencies in Pakistan are approved by the government of Saudi Arabia as well as Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan.
  • Application for umrah on prescribed form is received by the concerned agency.

Required Documents:

  1. Four copies of photograph
  2. National identity card
  3. Passport



Such applications are submitted to the agencies recognized in Saudi Arabia for approval from the Ministry of Hajj. After permission the case is forwarded back to the agency concerned in Pakistan.

  • After permission the agency concerned notifies the candidate about the schedule of his journey of Umra.
  • Arrangements of tickets stay in hotels, transportation from Airport to Makkah and Madina are accountability of the agency concerned.
  • The charge of Umrah varies from agency to agency.

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