How to Apply For An Canadian Passport & Requirement

Canadian Passport PicCanada is a country situated in North America which has 10 Provinces and 3 Territories, sharing its border with United States of America to the South. Canada is popular for tourism and job opportunities and this is why, many job seekers from different countries of the world including Asia, go there to make career. Many of the Pakistani citizens want to go there to find the desired job but due to lack of information and guidance, they are unable to do it. So here, we are giving some basic information and Requirements to apply for Canadian Passport.

Rules and Regulations to Apply for Canadian Passport

  • Candidates who want to apply for Canadian Passport should download the Canadian Passport form
  • Now print out this form and fill it by using dark blue or blue ink pen with capital letters.
  • You can also fill in the form on computer and then print out it.
  • Fourth page of the form must fill in by the guarantor who is Canadian citizen over 18 years of age with having Canadian Passport.

Documents Required to Apply for Canadian Passport

  • Proof of identity is the basic requirement to apply for Canadian Passport and for this, you must have ID card, government card, driving license, United States permanent residing card or previous Canadian Passport that has been invalid for less than one year.
  • Original copy of birth certificate, immigration certificate or citizenship certificate would be included with the form.
  • Photos taken by commercial photographer which must be 2 ¾ inches high and 2 inches wide, you must face forward with white background and eyes should be opened.
  • Candidates required to submit the fee of $160 to $180 for an Adult Passport through credit card, debit card, certified check or money order.

Submit all these documents with application and fee in person at Canadian Passport office located nearest or mail to Passport Canada Program, Gatineau QC K1A 0G3, Canada.

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