Animal Injections Administered To 178 Patients In Jodhpur

meropenemJodhpur: in the western province of Rajasthan, the government hospital of Jodhpur gave 178 people injections that were specially made for animals. The Jodhpur authorities have started investigations in this horrifying incident. The injection made for animals was administered to 178 people. This incident has been verified by Dr Deepak Verma.

According to reports, Dr Deepak Verma stated that the stock of the injection called Meropenem has been confiscated and the matter in under investigation. One of the employees at the hospital informed that the injection is used to cure severe infections.

Dr Verma said that there have been no reports about side effects of this injection, as it was administered in a dose of 1 gram, while the animals are given more than that. He said that the pharmacist was held responsible for this mistake, who handled his job carelessly and didn’t check the supply before taking it in.

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