Amir Khan’s Twitter Account Hacked

amir khanLondon: Pakistani descent British boxer Amir Khan’s twitter account has been hacked. Followers of Amir Khan were horrified to see the British boxer post a picture of two nude English girls lying on the bed. The fans of Amir Khan immediately retaliated at such a post on his twitter account, especially in the month of Ramazan. The fans posted that they were not expecting such a post from the famous Pakistani born British boxer and that they were extremely humiliated.

Amir Khan’s followers were angered at such a post, but fortunately for them, this post was not Amir’s doing, but was a post of some hacker who thought it amusing to post obscene pictures on Amir Khan’s twitter account. But Amir Khan immediately responded to his fan’s tweets and clarified that his account had been hacked and he had no idea who had posted this picture. He had immediately deleted the post.

The fans of Amir Khan were relieved as they were not expecting this from him. Amir Khan has apologized to his fans who had reacted quiet strongly to his act and had told him to avoid from such tactics in the future.

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