American Couple Photographs With Their Dog Gets Billion Hits

276900-dog-1407233287-604-640x480An American couple adopted a dog as their child just to have their picture taken. The couple resides in the Hunts Villay city of Alabama and held a dog as their baby for a picture. They immediately posted the picture on the internet and this picture has been viewed by billions of people till now. The couple are professional photographers and they took different pictures of themselves with the dog in different poses.

These pictures show the couple playing with the dog as if playing with their own child. The pictures were taken by a friend of this couple who said that she had taken many pictures of couples with their children and she was proud to photograph her friends with the dog.

The couple stated that they couldn’t express their joy at taking these pictures and they hoped that after viewing these pictures on the net, people will be inspired to photograph themselves with their dogs in this fashion.

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