America Pakistan Trade Expo 2014 Attempt to Grow Mutual Trade

WASHINGTON: the confidence of the directors of American Pakistan Trade Expo 2014 had been increased when they saw that entrepreneurs from both the countries were showing wholehearted interest and eagerness before the beginning of the event. By the success of this event the economic and bilateral trade ties could be more expanded.

The event of Expo 2014 is going to be started form 2nd till 5th of May 2014. This event would bring the entrepreneurs of Pakistan and America in interaction to each other and could provide much unique opportunities to start future businesses. It would also help them to take out new ideas and potential area of how to invest and export.

The owner of Nazu group of America and chairman of the trade Expo Nasimuddin Mirza had said that they were putting many efforts in making that event a unique event with mix businesses and named cultures. He also said that they would feature the exhibition with wide spreading products along with entertainment and music in such a way that it leads to creativity of doing bilateral business.

He also told that the trade expo event was a celebration in order to raise the slogan of “trade not aid” which is based on the recent visit of the prime minister of Pakistan to Nawaz sharif and his meeting with the president of America Barack Obama in which they highlighted the issue of trade and economics and how to enlarge its dimensions to make good relations between both the countries.

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