All You Should Know About Employment Contract in Bahrain

Employment ContractPreparing to move to Bahrain? Looking for a job in Bahrain? You must read on to know about the in and out of the Contract law in Bahrain. The contract for employment is normally signed before you join the join the organization to start the work. The formal contract which is in Arabic mostly is signed by both the parties to contract which is the employer and Employee in this case. As an expat who will be signing the contract in a new country you must be aware of all the legal terminology along with all the terms and conditions for which you are signing the contract.

The Employment Contract

The contract mostly is in Arabic and in some cases English version of the contract is also made available by some of the Employers. Whereas the Arabic version is legally binding on both the parties of contract. The employment contract mostly has included in it the Job Description for the position which you have to be hired. The performance standards expected from you will also form part of the contract along with the basic salary, the bonuses and allowances will also be clearly specified in the contract for which you have been entitled. The Job title will also be clarified and mentioned in the contract along with the responsibilities the position carries with it. The reporting hierarchy is also mostly defined in the contract, the performance measures of the company also act as an indicative for the employee to be in regards to quality of the work expected from him/her. Some of the contracts may also have clearly stated termination conditions. The contract’s Arabic copy can also be formalized after attestation from the official ministry.

Most of the contracts will explicitly state that the contract will only be in force if all the permits as required by the Government have been obtained by the Employee himself. This clause is mostly added by the Employers in order to save themselves from paying the employee if he doesn’t successfully secures the work visa. Another important point that should be kept in mind by you is that the local labor laws will be applicable on you even if you are not in a contract of employment. The laws of the company you will join will be above the labor laws (only if the company has more detailed matters covered in their law) but you still will be protected by the labor law. Another to be noted point is regarding the job titles and nature of the job, specific jobs especially in the services sector some of the jobs according to Bahrain’s own system have been reserved for the Bahraini Nationals the other thing is that you may not get the title which is mentioned in your contract owing to the mentioned reason or if the number of foreign workers have crossed the certain quota already set by the Government.

Probation Period

The probation period is mostly of 3 months, during which the contract may enter a fixed term of employment or in some cases for a period of indefinite time. Majority of the contracts which are made with the expats are for 2 years after the expiry of which it may be extended based oin the performance.

Termination of the contract

As a general tendency the employee needs to serve a period of 1 to 3 months or otherwise payment for the time period needs to be made by the employer if employer wants to terminate the contract. The contract can be terminated by either of the party of contract. The contract can be terminated without serving the notice period under certain conditions by the employer and employee both.

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