Algerian Football Team Donates Match Winnings To Gaza

algerian football teamThe Algerian Football team has announced to donate all of their winnings from the Fifa world cup to the affected people of Gaza. The Algerian team gave a tough fight to their German rivals in their last match to exit the football world cup at the 16th position. The team announced that they will give up their 9m dollars winnings to the people of Gaza. The striker of the Algerian team, Slimani stated that the people of Gaza needed the money more than they did.

The Algerian team was welcomed home by a massive crowd. The team bus was draped in the Palestinian flag and then the announcement of donation was made. The team could possibly face accusations of involving politics in the world football cup through their gesture. The footage shown on YouTube also showed the Palestinian flag draped on the bus as die the Argentinean team, when they unfurled a political banner before a friendly match against Slovenia with the phrase written on the flag, ‘The Falkland Islands Belong to Argentina’.

Algeria was the only team from Africa to reach the quarter finals. Its act of benevolence will strengthen the team’s image and will give a major boost to its popularity.

The Palestinian issue has gained intensity as Israel has started to send troops to its borders with Gaza and has intensified air strikes. More than a dozen Palestinian rockets have struck the south part of Israel this morning.

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