Agriculture Sectors Can Play A Role To Boost Pakistan Economy

Recently Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) told that we emphasize local banks to promote agriculture financing. It is the need of time because our economy depend on agriculture as well as this sector share major portion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Vietnamese Ambassador to Pakistan Nguyen Xuan Luu told that Vietnam business community is keen to invest and enhance their expertise in different sectors especially in agriculture and seafood.

“Vietnam business community could avail benefit because Pakistan is huge consumer market. As well as they could import different items manly textile, leather and cotton” he added in a statement.

Since last two decades State Bank is playing an important role to promote agriculture financing. So that farmers and growers to motivate and enable better access to new research and innovative ideas. Conventional and non conventional banking should promote agriculture financing, make easy policies to get loan and farmers should acknowledge from agriculture financing. So that they can avail benefits and enhance agriculture portfolio.

Further he told that we would make a special committee to promote the agriculture financing. In which 4 to 5 persons will be a part of advisory committee. They would perform different duties which are as follows.

  • To motivate the poor farmers.
  • To make the easy policies for loan
  • Instruction to banking sector provide loan which free from ribba (Interest).


Government should find new agriculture markets, alternative energy resources, enhance value added agriculture products. So that provides proper benefits to farmers and growers than they are able to maintain and upgrade life standards.

By Talha Pasha

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