Advice For Sugar Patients For Ramazan

sugar dietIslamabad: About 70 lac people in Pakistan are suffering from sugar, which in turn leads to other heart and eyes related diseases. It may also cause paralysis in a sugar patient. Doctor Sobia Sabir recommended in an interview to all the sugar patients to have a simple diet and to incorporate dates and fruits in their diet with a balance. She said that it was imperative for the sugar patients to have a balanced diet in order to control their sugar level.

Dr Sobia stated that sugar patients can have one date and some fruits. These patients can also have chickpeas, dry cowpeas, lentils, rice, red flour pancakes, vegetables and meat in their diet, but they should avoid oil. Sugar patients should have lots of water, milk, lassi and tea. They should however avoid cold drinks, fried items, samousas and sweets.

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