Adopting Syrian Orphans Banned in Saudi Arabia

Syrian OrphansThe Ministry of Social Affairs in Saudi Arabia had imposed ban on adopting Syrian or other foreign Orphans by Saudi Families. Director of social supervision at the ministry in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, Latifah Al-Tamimi said that the ministry does not provide financial help to those Saudi Families who are adopting Syrian or other foreign children who lost their parents in wars or in other conflicts. She also added that there are many International Humanitarian Organizations that deals such cases but at the other end, the Ministry would provide full support the children of marriage between Saudi men and foreign women of any country.

Minister also informed that 560 Saudi Orphans have been recently adopted by different Saudi families and adopted orphans are also entitled passport, birth certificates and other essential documents. Ministry provides financial aid of 3000 Saudi Riyal with the facility of free medical treatments in the hospitals for these orphans. In this context, the children who were adopted by Saudi families must keep their original family names. However, Saudi families who are adopting the orphan children must informed the ministry in order to avail the facilities for these children by the government. While these orphans are entitled to live independently at the age of 18 years.

It is to be mentioned that the government of Saudi Arabia provides the financial aid of 60,000 Saudi Riyal per person, at the marriage of orphans.

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