A Complete Guide Before & After You Launch Your Startup in Pakistan

What can be better than being an entrepreneur? But there are certain things which every person in Pakistan must think before & after launching their startups.

Though there can be many guidelines but this list includes some of the most basic steps and matters which everyone need to consider before starting their journey of being an entrepreneur.


If you are thinking about startups then you must have an idea. This idea should not only be decent which you believe is marketable but an idea which can be a successful startup with the potential of establishing itself in the current environment and market of Pakistan.

You may have some great ideas but if they considered while detached with the ground reality, which includes everything from a particular industry to the national politics, then you are doomed to failure. You can only know this if you have an idea with a marketable and sustainable business plan.


It’s not about just starting a startup, what it requires is establishing it and growing with each year. Just to put things into perspective you should know that 71% of businesses fail within their first 10 years!

If you don’t want to be among such startups then you will need passion which will make you strong while your idea may not end up as you thought, when you are short of funds or when you have to work hard with sleepless nights.


No you can’t launch your startup with zero funds! So if you have an idea with complete business plan and you have the passion to execute it then you have to finance the idea.


You may think you are good enough to execute and carry on with your idea but in reality you will need a mentor. This is where initiatives such as ‘Jazz xlr8’ can help you by providing you resources and expertise which will not only help your startup to grow but also to accelerate the growth.

Jazz Xlr8 is a great initiative by renowned mobile network and internet services provider, which offers you High-tech work space and facility, huge network of retailers, integration with payment solution, open APIs and much more which reflects Jazz commitments in providing great services for a growing & a rising Digital Pakistan.


If you don’t know how to market your startup then you have chosen the path of failure. If you are not an expert about marketing then you should become one before launching your startup or getting in touch with a mentor who can help you to sort this important issue.

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