9 Year Old Groom Weds 62 Year Old In South Africa

9 year old groomSouth Africa: In the South African province, Mpumalanga, a unique wedding took place between a 9 year old groom and a 62 year old bride. People all around the globe have been taken by shock and surprise at this wedding, which has been celebrated the second time. The wedding ceremony has been held earlier also. The 62 year old bride, Helen Shabangu has five children from her first husband, who are aged between 28 and 38.

The nine year old groom, Saneie Masilela, got married to Helen to fulfil his dream in which his ancestors told him to marry Helen. The families of both the bride and the groom had no objections with the marriage ceremony as they stated it was a traditional ceremony and that both were not bounded to each other. After the marriage ceremony, the bride and the groom went back to their lives.

Such marriage ceremonies are common. In 2009, a 112 year old man, Ahmed Mohammad, married a 17 year old Sofia Abdullah. Ahmed Mohammad already had 13 children and 5 wives. Another example was of the 87 year old owner of ‘Play Boy’ magazine, who married a model named Crystal Harris, in 2012. His wife was 60 years younger than him.


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