9 Silly Questions Asked During Job Interview

Job InterviewJob hunting is the most challenging and irritating process for many people in this world before starting their career. Once anyone search a suitable job for him or her, the next annoying experience would be the job interview. You can never expect the questions asked by the interviewer because at that time, they are like king and anything could be expected by them.

So, below we have defined the most annoying and silly questions asked during an interview which you never want to answer.

Tell Us Something About Yourself ?

Normally, this is the first question asked by the interviewers that would make you angry. That time, you think that you should leave the room and never come again. Because you have many things to tell the interviewer but they will never give you even some minutes to answer.

Why Do You Want To Work Here ?

The simple answer for this question is to fulfill needs, but it is not found yet that would type of answer is required by the interviewers when they ask this question.

Why Did You Quit Your Current Job?

Now this is obvious that anyone who is quitting current job, is not satisfied with the salary and he/she needs to improve his/her lifestyle. But the interviewers can’t understand this and that is the reason of asking this question.

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years?

Off course in this world, because nobody wants to die whether it will be in five or fifty years. But you need to control over yourself and show your patience by humbly answering the question.

How Much Do You See Yourself Earning In The Next Five Years ?

Be cautious when interviewer ask this question and tell them about your high expectations from the employer. Because if you set the goal too low, the interviewer will think that you don’t have even the ability to expect high.

Do You Have Personal Transportation?

The sudden answer of that question would be “Yes, I have legs which are natural source of transportation or public transport can be used in case of long traveling”.

Tell Us About Your Weaknesses

Ooh Come on! Nobody in this world can tell his/her weaknesses at all. And it should be answered like “Hire me, you will find it yourself”.

Why Did You Quit Your Last job?

Always give them the reason of downsizing as an answer because if you tell them negative things about your previous employer, the interviewers will mark this negative probably on your behalf.

What Is Your Expected Salary

Usually this is the last and most silly questions asked by the interviewer. I mean anyone could not get even what he/she expects and it is totally depends on the employers that what they offer.

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