800 years Old Antique Mobile Phone Found in Austria

Mobile_PhonePreviously, we have posted mobile Phone which can be washed with soap and mobile phone number sold for 20 crore rupees. Now we are sharing very interesting and amazing claim by archaeologists. The first mobile phone was developed in 1970’s, but now archaeologists have claimed that the first mobile phone was actually developed around 800 years ago. Yes it’s true; the archaeologists have claimed that they have found a clay model of antique mobile phone in Austria. The look of this mobile phone discovered by the experts is just close to popular model of Nokia, 3310.

Despite of the claim of these archaeologists, some experts of aliens have also insisted that aliens have visited the earth around hundreds years ago and this mobile phone is actually related with them. In this regards, video has been also released on the internet which has shown this mobile phone. Cuneiform writing has been carved on the keys of this mobile phone, which is almost thousands of years old writing. The experts believed on the aliens have also claimed that after this discovery, it can be said that the aliens are more developed and sharp than the humans.

Well, the reality of this mobile phone will be possibly revealed by the experts after sometime but if it would be proved that this mobile phone actually belongs to the aliens, than humans must have to think about their intelligence.

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