72 Translations Of Holy Quran Placed In Makkah For Pilgrims

reciting quranAbout 72 translations of the Holy Quran have been provided for the pilgrims visiting Makkah for the month of Ramazan. According to the Al-Arabia.net, the arrangements made for the month of Ramazan in Holy Kaaba have been almost finalized and are in their final stages. The arrangements will include translations of the Holy Quran in 72 languages. In addition, people will also be given the facility to download the translation of the Holy Quran in their respective languages on their smart phones as well.

The language in which the Holy Quran has been translated also includes, Chinese, Telugu, Somali and Sinhalese. A total of 72 languages have been used for the translation of the Holy Quran. The number of shelves placed in Masjid-e-Haraam has been increased by the double the number, which means that now Masjid-e-Haraam will have about four thousand shelves for the Quran. These shelves will contain about 9 lac and 50 thousand Quranic transcriptions. In addition, about 6 Imams have been given the responsibility to lead prayers of Taraveeh and Tahajjud.

Every year the Saudi Government takes extra measures and invests tremendous efforts to organize the huge crowd of people that assemble at the Holy Makkah to offer pilgrimage. It is a great accomplishment for the Saudi officials to organize and arrange services for the pilgrims. This time, security has also been doubled to prevent any mishap.

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