620 Fake Degree Holder Govt. Employees Identified in Saudi Arabia

Fake DegreesIn the recent years, the phenomenon of fake degree holders is widely seen in Saudi Arabia and especially in engineering and health sector. Courts in the Kingdom are already examining huge number of cases against fake degree holders who committed crime by doing this. Recently, the law enforcement authorities of Saudi Arabia have reported that there are 620 employees in 22 government departments who have fake degrees with them. It is also revealed that an undersecretary in a ministry is also among these 620 fake degree holder government employees.

Ministry of Higher Education have conducted statistics that showed more than 51,000 fake certificate holder employees are working in the Kingdom including doctorate, bachelor and postgraduate degree holders. Riyadh police had also arrested an Arab expatriate belongs to a prominent government department on a key position, social networking websites reported. It is also revealed by the director general of the General Administration of Relations and Guidance, Muhammad Al-Maraol that authorities will dealt with these fake degree holder citizens soon.

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) also prepared a blacklist of fake degree holders working in the Kingdom. Around 1700 fake degree holders are identified by the council in which only 10 percent are Saudis, said by Hamad Al-Shaqawi, Chairman of Saudi Council of Engineers.

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